Established in 1999, Flexicare is a health benefit administrator which manages an organization’s health care benefits, such as employee in-patient, out-patient, emergency, dental, optical benefit plans. We provide competitive medical administration without high premiums and fees. Our flexible and customized plans feature worry-free medical care across a broad network of medical facilities nationwide.



Flexicare is a Health Benefit Administrator (HBA) or what is also known as a Third-Party Administrator (TPA). Think of us like an HMO but instead of charging you a premium for your health benefit, we charge you based on only what you actually use or spend. 

We can save you money.
  • We can create customized health benefit plans that suit your budget and your organization's needs. No more, no less.

  • We negotiate MD professional fees for you so you can rest assured that you're getting the best care at a reasonable price.

  • We only charge you based on your actual utilization, so you only pay for what you actually use. 


Why choose us?

We reduce your workload.
  • We take care of partner accreditation and make sure you and your organization have access to quality care at your utmost convenience.

  • We take care of everything that happens behind the curtains - from claims and hospital payment processing to medical collectibles from members.

We give you full visibility.
  • We can provide you with quarterly utilization reports as well as a detailed analysis of your population health to help you plan better for your organization.

Flexicare has strong partnerships with medical doctors, hospitals, out-patient clinics, and dental clinics across the nation. 








Flexicare Head Office

3/F Soho Central 

748 Shaw Blvd. Greenfield District

Mandaluyong City 1552



Contact Numbers (Monday to Sunday; 7am to 11pm)

  • (+63) 919 056 0488

  • (+632) 8 424 2113 

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